Concert Band

                                                        Concert Band

The Concert Band is an entry level music class. Students in Concert Band receive exercises and assignments that will allow them to increase their technical abilities. A year in Concert Band satisfies the Fine Arts graduation requirement for CUSD.

                                                          Class Content

Emphasis is placed on standards based classroom activities. All students begin proficiencies an theory at Level 1, and progress to level 3 by the end of their first year in the class.  Students study instrument technique, develop musicianship, and play literature selected from high school grade 3 and 4 lists.  The class focuses on fundamentals of music performance, and pieces are prepared to performance level in a six week sequence.  Private lessons are recommended for all members, especially those wishing to advance to the Wind Ensemble and/or IB Music class.


The Concert Band performs four times each year.  There are three concerts held at school, and a festival performance in spring.  Students in the Concert Band also perform at graduation in June.

SCHS Instrumental Music Department