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Thank you to all our Triton Instrumental Music Program supporters who participated in this year’s Snap Raise fundraiser! With the funds we raised, the music program was able to obtain and update some much needed equipment!

Come check out our next fundraiser, the annual SCHS Instrumental Music Mattress Fundraiser! Stop by the High School to check out some new mattresses and support the music program Saturday January 14th! 10am-5pm

Winter Color Guard:

Winter Color Guard practices are Tuesdays 4pm-8pm and Thursdays 4pm-7pm

Winter Drum Line:

Winter Drum Line practices are Mondays 3pm-5pm and Fridays 4pm-8pm.


Below are the three packets about the SCHS Instrumental Department next  year for future SCHS musicians. Attached is the information for each.

1) Regular Instrumental Music Paquet:

This is for all your “1 stop shop” for ALL ENSEMBLES. It answers many questions for a new member and includes the marching band letter of intent form. 2016 Music Registration Packet

2) Drum Line Work Shop

Two workshops for all percussionists. Dates are included.             Drum Line Information 2016

3) Color Guard Workshop

Two workshops for all color guard members. We will train new students. Color Guard Workshops 2016

Please contact your middle school music instructor or Mr. Soto if you have any questions. Additionally, if you wish to audition for an ensemble next year that requires it (Wind Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, etc.), please make sure to obtain an audition packet and schedule an audition time.


Marching Band Competition-November 5th

Volunteers needed for our upcoming competition! Please sign up at Perfect Potluck and be a part of one of the largest competitions ever held at San Clemente High School! Perfectpotluck.com information is as follows:

Username: triton

Password: music


Be Sure To Watch for any News! Just click on the News tab above for updates on TMA’s 2016 marching band season!



For Marching Band and summer program information, please click here



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San Clemente High School recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. From the looks of it our instruments have been around for that long.

Many of our mallet keyboard instruments are in desperate need of repair and replacement. The instruments that we currently have were purchased many many years ago and were not intended to be used as a part of a competitive marching band and drum line.


Our instruments are not made to be transported to and from band concerts and competitions. The frames are broken and the actual bars are warped.


With your generous support I can purchase 2 new keyboard instruments with stronger frames, bigger wheels,and synthetic keys. These features are a must for students that use the instruments in and out of the classroom. These features would also make the keyboards last longer so that future students would be able to use them for years to come.”


SCHS Instrumental Music Department